A Relaxing Escape

Greetings and welcome!  Delighted you’re interested and excited to know you…

HUGELY Insecure and growing at same time!  CONFIDENTLY share fears/weaknesses, loves, pains, desires. Love of others often more important.  Let’s be frank.  We all prefer sharing our giving side.

Attended modeling school; encouraged by family members to model, flourished as businesswoman in hotel management.  Advanced to board member and respected committee chair for two local associations.

Personal Growth+ maturity combined with yearning for peace + serenity, later questioned  placement. Allow me to say I’m comfortable and not easily intimidated.  Have my weaknesses certainly.  Seek pleasure and guidance for the lost.

Let’s begin building something warm, genuine and real.  Ill teach you how to love and be comfy in your life.

Warmly yours,

Renee ~ Relax with Me Today