A*Seductive*Relaxing* Escape

Welcome to my website!  I’m happy your interested in knowing more about me and look forward to meeting you.  I am speaking to you from my heart and sharing what I believe is important when making an important decision such as who you choose to spend your time with.  Please allow me to include my background, personality and lifestyle.  Happy reading…

Most of my adult life, I worked in a professional sales environment and succeeded gracefully. We were fun, educated and competitive.  I quickly learned creativity and confidence would accelerate my success.  Volunteer work and corporate-supported encouragement pushed me into a board member position and a respected committee chair spokesperson for two local associations.

Escaping that industry I became curious and cautious.  A gentleman I knew introduced me to a business I didn’t know existed.  Researching the sexy, seductive women online I grew strong attractions to some, while I felt negatively toward others.  How to succeed in this business became obvious and exciting.

Most recognizable was “who I didn’t want to be.” Beyond that, creativity was endless!  Today I’m confident, understanding, respectful and private.  My open heart and loyalty is sacred while our lifestyle choices unjudged. Always know you’re safe with me.  And I expect the same from you.

Quickly you’ll find my sensual hands and stimulating conversation will excite your senses and satisfying your soul.

Let’s start building our trusting relationship soon.

Warmly yours,