A Relaxing Escape

Greetings and welcome!  Delighted you’re interested in me and excited to meet you…

A little about myself:   I’m insecure and confident all at the same time.  I have fears and weaknesses.  My love for others is often more important than love for myself.  Let’s just be transparent.  We all have apprehension!   I’m  the same as you.  

Now, a tad about my background:  

As a young woman, I was fearless; yet goal oriented.  Attended modeling school at the encouragement of a family members suggestion; later, flourished as businesswoman  in hotel management.  Eventually advanced to salesperson in publishing. Later, volunteer and corporate-supported encouragement catapulted my role to  board membership and respected committee chair for two local associations.

Growth and maturity plus yearning for peace/serenity, my transition to a loving role serving those who need and seek serenity created a worthwhile lifestyle for me.

Today, my abilities and confidence enable me to share strengths and weaknesses with you.  I am “me.”

My hopes are you find me comfortable and enlightening.  The goal is making your life pleasant and fulfilling.

Let’s begin building something warm and genuine.


Renee ~ Relax with Me Today

(P.S. Transitioning from Chloe to Renee;  my birth and middle name.)